Donna in black pantyhose

Miss Donna just had you purchase her new queen size pantyhose in black with reinforced toe and now she is going to model her large sexy size 8.5 feet for you. You will be allowed to kneel at the foot of the couch and only watch, no touching is allowed. She is a cruel teaser, and until you give her everything she wants she is going to use your pantyhose foot fetish to her advantage. â??Are you going to buy me those new black high heels and new panties?â? she says in her baby doll voice, knowing you will succumb to her needs and desires. You know you may as well give her your credit card now! She moves her foot near your face, but withdraws it quickly, flexing and scrunching her soles. Your face is red and blushing as you reach for your wallet. Maybe then she will allow you to feel her soft feet for a little while.

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