Sexy Kera in tan pantyhose

Keraâ??s legs are long and slender, and thatâ??s why she loves to wear shorts. In order to emphasise her legsâ?? beauty, she also wears high heels. Today she is wearing some gorgeous green sexy shorts and a pair of green winkle pikers. I love the way these shoes are looking, and I am willing to touch them. Keraâ??s feet are looking amazing and the tan pantyhose are making them even more appealing. She exposes her soles giving me the time to sniff her shoes: a sweet odor makes my blood pump faster into my veins. I am grateful and thatâ??s why I am about to kiss her soft soles. She allows me to use her feet as I please and she starts jerking my cock until it starts pumping its hot cum out.

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