Sexy brunette Ellie barefoot in grey jeans

Young Ellie is dressed like a teenager: a black singlet and black stretched jeans. Her shoes are modern and sexy in the same time, black high heels sandals. Her shoes are really appealing for any foot worshiper. I can already imagine myself sniffing her shoes, feeling the warmth of Ellieâ??s feet. My tongue is sliding along the heels, also feeling the sexy buckle. The black stripes are so soft and perfumed, that I am getting so excited that the touch of Ellieâ??s feet are making my cock very hard. Her feetâ??s silky skin is touching me and her sole are so great, unbelievably tender and sensual. Her black painted toenails are also very exciting, especially when gently touching my hard dick. Ellie is flexing her soles up and down, watching me come off.

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