Hot brunette Hera with knee highs

Hera came to me dressed in short jeans and black long stockings. She was wearing sneakers and I imagined that her feet smelled so good, so sweet. She knew about my foot fetish and thatâ??s why she told me:
-Take off my stockingsâ?¦with your mouth!
I kneeled and I started to get off her black soft stockings. The smell of her feet was so goodâ?¦
-You can use your teeth, too! She ordered with her red beautiful mouth.
I obeyed as a slave of her feet. Once barefoot, she put her soles on my face rubbing my mouth:
-Itâ??s so warm and pleasant! Now suck my toes!
I thought she would never askâ?¦ Her long red polished toe nails were into my mouth.

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