Hot girl Lea with amazing arches

Barefoot on the large white bed clothes, Lea is expecting me to come near her. She already knows all my preferences and thatâ??s why she wears a short simple dress that emphasizes the beauty of her perfect body and the splendor of her slender tanned legs. First, I love to watch her teasing me, stretching her legs, touching herself, balancing her feet under my eyes full of desire. I come closer, sniffing her feet, touching Leaâ??s arched soles with my face, nose and lips. I donâ??t want to miss anything of this great sensual experience. The scent of her soles makes me so horny that I begin to suck her long toes, tasting every one of her beautiful red polished nails. I am still touching her perfect feet while she makes me come off between her amazing arched soles.

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