Sexy Leslie kicking off her high heels

Miss Leslie was in charge of my initiation rite into the secret lesbian sisterhood. In preparation I was to serve her at her apartment. As I knelt before her, she had ripped my blouse open, exposing my breasts and my hands were tied behind my back. “My feet are hot from walking around in these heels all day. Gently cool them with your tongue!” I obeyed, looking submissively upward at her stern, seductive appearance.
She responded with a command,”More saliva, slut!” Once I finished with the first foot she inspected the bottom of her foot, “You missed the dirt in the crevices and in-between my toes!” With that, she slapped me in the face. “Work that slutty pink tongue harder!” “Get your pretty little lips around my toes and suck them clean, you slutty little foot bitch.”
Yes, I know I am hopelessly addicted to Goddess Leslie. There’s no chance for me now. I am 100% under the control of her soft silky soles and luscious long legs. She tells me just how far under her control I am now, as she tweaks and twists my bare nipples with her toes. My life is nothing to her, I am just a foot fool that will do as she says.
She slaps me again and pushes her foot as far into my mouth as she can. “Suck my sweaty foot, slut!” She looks downward at me, I feel so belittled by the fact that she is abusing my mouth with her muscular, powerful foot, scraping her soles on the bottom row of my teeth for her pleasure and trapping my tongue between her toes and laughing at me, amused at my submissive, blushing face, still pink from her face slaps…..

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