Beautiful Lidia showing her small meaty soles

Lidia loves to tease you, her little â??foot boyâ?, with her highly arched feet in high heels.
â??Get down on the floor and lick my arches, NOW!,â? she commands. She giggles at your throbbing boner. â??Jerk it for me now, foot slave. Fetch your little lotion bottle and towel and kneel here on the floor before me.â?
You scramble and fumble for the items and kneel before this demanding foot goddess. â??Lick my legs, starting at the ankles, first.â? You obey, knowing she may allow you to use your tongue in her sacred spot later.
â??Eew, thereâ??s dirt on my foot! Lick it off!â? You comply, cleaning the bit of dust off the balls of her foot, then some more on her big toe and a spot on her heel. It requires extra effort with your tongue, as it has been ground into the creases of her soft meaty foot and mixed in with her moist soles and the leather of her shoes. Your naked cock throbs, aroused by the scent of her feet, the taste of her foot dirt and the humility of being made to submit to her every whim, as she smiles knowingly and smirks at your boner.
She inspects the bottom of her foot with her pretty eyes. â??Now you may jerk it hard for me, but donâ??t you dare cum.â? You obey the dominant Lidia, knowing she may tease you for hours and hours, until you beg to be inside her for release. Disobedience will incur her wrath and ultimately her cruel punishment.

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