Amazing Nathalie in sexy red dress

â??Get over here NOW!â? the dominant Nathalie said as she crossed her legs in her short, slinky red dress.

â??Kneel down, I want you to show me how much you adore me. Iâ??ve been walking around all day in these heels you bought me and my feet are killing me.â?

â??First bury your nose in my nylons and sniff!â? She pushed the back of my head into her foot and pushed my nose into her warm moist soles.

â??Now I want you to suck ALL of the stink out of my nylons.â?

â??If youâ??re a good boy, I may even let you kiss the black bow on the back of my skirt, and then Iâ??m gonna relax and watch TV while you kiss my butt,â? she said in a disdainful way.

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