Beautiful Noelle with black toenails

Noelle has an expressive face: big green eyes, a perfect skin and an adorable smile. She loves to dress in comfortable clothes such as a simple black T-shirt and modern black jeans. This jeans are ripped on her knees and some threads are disorderly hanging. I find this image quite sexy, especially that Noelle is wearing some interesting beige sandals with platforms and high heels. I want to touch these shoes, to feel the fine texture of the straps. This wonderful girl teases me exposing her feet on the table in front of her, and I have to come close and smell them. I love the scent of sweet sweat on her soles! She lets me touch and caress her big feet and I am about to lick every spot on her dirty soles, to suck every one of her sexy black polished toenails. She enjoys my treatment and she moans of pleasure from time to time.

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