Sexy brunette Tora with cute feet

Tora is smiling at me because she came prepared for a special treat. She knows that I am crazy about her cute feet and today she is wearing some sexy yellow high heels shoes. Her shoes are shinning like the sun, calling me, telling me to come closer. She has a special power over me, she is my goddess and thatâ??s why she is always ordering me what to do. I find this sexy and exciting because I play the role of a slave who is satisfying his mistress. Tora is wearing stretched blue jeans which are emphasizing her fine ankles. Her tanned skin is very soft and silky and although she orders me to lick her feet, the pleasure is all mine. She is continuously smiling, sexy and wicked, asking me to suck each little toe. Brunette and powerful, she is my Cleopatra. I am getting horny and Tora loves when she turns me on.

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