Sexy Noelle in grey pantyhose

Noelle has decided to make you kneel at the foot of her bed while she texts her girlfriends about your foot fetish. She has your hands bound and she is laughing at you as you are drooling like a puppy dog and begging to smell her hot moist feet.
Every now and again she rolls on her side, giving you a peek at her soft sexy butt cheeks. The soft blonde hairs on her butt shine in the light. You whimper with desire as she rolls her pantyhose off and rubs her foot smell all over your face and then your tongue. You can taste her perfume, mixed with leather and her foot sweat. You break down and plead, â??Miss Noelle, may I please be allowed to lick your butt?â? She laughs at your predicament, as you are throbbing hard and dripping on the floor, unable to control your manhood. â??Please! May I Miss Noelle!â?
“No, you must clean my feet like a puppy dog. Now lick in between all of my toes and clean the dust off my pantyhose!”

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