Beautiful brunette showing her slender soles

Sydney is only 20. I admitted my foot fetish to her and she caught on, took me home from the club and made me lick her entire foot from heel to toe and then the other one. Soon afterwards her girlfriends were invited over to watch me kneel and beg to lick her feet. They would wear only sexy lingerie and play â??Pavlovâ??s Dogâ? with me.
I had to kneel and watch them toe tease me until I salivated and the drool was dripping from my chin. Once I had salivated to their content they would wipe their smelly feet all over my face, rubbing the drool all over my lips and nose.
I had to tongue bathe their feet and do other, more humiliating things with my tongue as well, especially when she and her girlfriends slipped off their panties and relaxed on the bed with their butt cheeks high in the air, awaiting my adoration.

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